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I just got a suggestion that we hold workshops at the windowfarms headquarters for folks who want to build their own systems.

For the most part, we have been trying to keep all the know-how building online here on the website so that people based elsewhere can benefit as well (like the Finland Windowfarms team!!).

However, I am considering holding workshops occasionally again at headquarters in South Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We would ask for a $25 per person donation to the project in exchange for a “cooking show” kind of demo session and customized troubleshooting advice.

Interest? We would probably hold the first one in April 2010 sometime.

by britta

Workshop in Brooklyn August 16, 3pm

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Waterpod Invite- Windowfarms portion at 3 pm

Waterpod Invite- Windowfarms portion at 3 pm

This Sunday, I will be giving a workshop on the Waterpod! I will focus on whatever are the interests of folks who show up. If you bring measurements of your window, I can help make sure you walk away with a sketch of a full reservoir system designed specifically for one of your windows and all the specs for your components. I will also have a demo model of the three tier system with me.
Lots of other fantastic urban ag specialists will be around. Come hang out!