2 mini-farms now going

5:55 pm in Completed Window Farms by mamasquid

This is my “work” farm.  I started it last week and already have two sprouts in it — rosemary and violas.  There is a desk lamp shining a CFL on it (on a 12 hour timer).


We have a second one (which was the first) here at home but I can’t find the photos of it right now (and am a bit too lazy to take a new one.

I saw a post about the window farms on Gothamist and just HAD to try it.  Got to say, it’s fun!  Folks walk into my office and are incredibly curious about what this curious structure is.

My husband and I are designing a larger farm for our living room window and will probably build it over the winter break (we are teachers).  Our major problem is getting the soda bottles since we use the SodaStream carbonator fr our soda needs and don’t drink bottled water.