Experimentation on treillis for beans, tomatoes and nasturtiums.

11:03 pm in posts with pitcures!, Projects in Process by Louise from Quebec

Two weekends ago, I mounted a structure on my crude three-bottle windowfarm and decided to keep the installation only for fruiting-climbing plants. I copied the idea of built-in wooden rods from Tony (thanks a lot !) but just added rope only 3 rods and didn’t listen to Britta’s advice about avoiding climbing varieties of beans (I did want to use the seeds on hand). So, Britta, I’ll may be the one to provide proof that it’s a very bad idea to  put big beans in a system like this. LOL !

Right now, only two plants of beans are nested in the bottom bottle. Two tomato plants will join in the upper bottle (cherry tomatoes of two different types) and the nasturtiums will reside in the middle bottle.

I’ll keep you posted on their evolution.