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How often to water

1:33 pm in How-Tos, Nutrients, Water flow by kate robertson

This is my first time with my new windowfarm.

Based on weather in Chicago, I couldn’t buy any seedlings so I went for already decently sized (~5 in.) basil, lavender, sage and oregano.

How often do you set the timer to water these? I think they said every hour for 15 minutes, but not sure if that is correct? I’m pretty nervous that these won’t grow!

Also, does anyone suggest any type of nutrients? I’ve never grown anything ever and I want this to work out!

Please help. Thanks.

Customer service for new windowfarms

7:19 pm in Uncategorized by Windowfarms

If anyone needs to talk to us about customer service for the new Windowfarms, please contact me directly at my email address: This is the most efficient way to get in touch with us at the moment. It might take me several days to respond, but I will respond!

We have found that spam filters are an issue. We have been trying to communicate with many of you but a few people have told us that our emails to either through Kickstarter or directly were caught in their spam filters. Additionally, we found that some of your emails were being caught in our spam filters.

We are setting up a new process to handle this but in the meantime, we would appreciate your contacting us directly so that we do not have to go hunt for your comments on all of our channels– this site, Youtube, Facebook, etc. Contacting us directly will get your needs met fastest. Thank you.

Destiny at Windowfarms

by ifni

WindowFarm in California

1:27 pm in Materials and Resources, Projects in Process, Seeking Advice by ifni

Greetings, windowfarmers!

I’m considering building a small system for my apartment window in California – the first concern that arises, however, is attaching and stabilizing a suspension frame. I’m in earthquake country, of course, and I believe the construction here is aluminum, not wood – so drilling into the window frame isn’t exactly an option.

I have a nice deep windowsill – it’s not unreasonable to design a system that will sit on the window sill, if I can devise a way to firmly attach it to the wall without drilling into the wall. Any suggestions? Has anyone tried turning extendible shower curtain rods into suspension frames? (Turned sideways and paired, extending from the bottom windowsill to the top…)

I’m also considering a wicking system instead of a pumped drip system. Has anyone experimented with something like that?