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T-joint progress? Are t-joints being concidered for the official window farms.

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I don’t windowfarm (I have an outdoor garden and was just too busy this year to set anything up) but I have played with low pressure airlift for many years and I put up a few videos of how t-joints (outside your reservoir) might be a simple option for some people. I am just wondering if the team leaders have tried t-joints yet?
I am also wondering if the leadership of windowfarms would like to enter my airlift “contest”?
Details are at Basically this is just an attempt to find the limits of the type of low pressure airlift that is used windowfarms. There is a HUGE misconception around that airlift pumps need to have submergence equal to the height pumped. (This is simply not true for the slug flow process that airlifts water in the windowfarms systems). My experience with slug flow goes back to 1983!
I got to 13 ft high with just 2.5 ft of submergence and someone else got to 16 ft. Problem for both of us was we didn’t have enough height at our homes to test going higher! Maybe 20 ft is attainable, maybe 40 ft. We simply do not know!
I acknowledge that this is almost like “pure” research. There is no immediate benefit to the windowfarms project. However, if after crunching your numbers, it were of use in 3rd world countries to pump water from wells, it could really put your project on the map! In any case, this type of airlift is really poorly understood and really poorly communicated to the public. So maybe doing the experiment would directly benefit your project after all. I suspect that someone with an apartment and fire escape has access to lots more than 16 ft of height and can test the true limits of slug flow airlift pumps. Thanks


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We are building the easier three bottle window farm, and have put it together according to the directions, but aren’t getting a drip!

Should we make sure the needle entrances are properly sealed or make a smaller drip exit?

Help us out!