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La Calavera Acuaponia

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Hey Windowfarms Community,

We have received crowd funding to design and build a 2 meter tall vertical aquaponic skull (calavera), for La Calaca Festival, a 3 day art and culture festival that takes place during Day of the Dead celebrations in San Miguel de Allende, México. Our team will be be installing the sculpture October 31st (8 DAYS), so stay tuned for updates and pictures as we race to final unveiling.

The sculpture, entitled “La Calavera Acuaponia,” will be constructed using the Windowfarm bottle chain design. Originally inspired by the Windowfarms Community and Britta Riley’s TED talk, we are working hard to create a functional and inspiring piece will continue to share our learnings in the coming months.

Below is a high level list of system specs and materials. We will put together a comprehensive list at project completion, so please check back soon.


  • 2×2 meter steel structure
  • 100 – 1.5 Liter Water bottles
  • 125 Liters of red lava rock (Cycled for 1.5 months)
  • 100 Swiss Chard, Mixed greens, Mint, Chives


  • 3,558 Liter pond
  • 5110 LPH submersible pump with 16 line manifold for water distribution
    • Due to the scale of the farm and use of aquaponics to run the system, we will not be using an airlift pump in this iteration, due to issues with solids build up in the plumbing, but look forward to making upgrades in the future.
  • 6 m of 3/8” Vinyl tubing
  • Mix of 20 Koi, Goldfish and Tilapia
  • PVC Pond liner
  • 48 20 Liter water jugs for support wall

Please let us know your thoughts, and check back soon for progress updates. Also check out the Windowfarms As Art group  and post your ideas of Windowfarms inspired sculptures.


Griffin Klement and Charlie Coleman

To learn more about La Calaca Festival please visit:


by fa

Window farm with flower boxes?

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Hey there,

I have pretty deep and wide, but not very high cut outs for my windows, so I would prefer to go in with than in hight.

My idea was to get several pull up bars that are used to spread in door frames in the window cut outs and hang a flower box on it.

Repeating that maybe three times underneath each other.

In summer I would keep it outside and get it in in winter.

Has anyone done something like that before or has a source in mind where to find ideas?


I am aiming to grow herbs only. That’s why I’m also not sure if it makes sense to use a real window-farm like model with permanent water dripping and hydro culture since some herbs prefer it rather dry…

Also some need quite room which is why I am unsure if those small bottles would do the job…

Is there any expertise on that?