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by Tyler

Water only flows when reservoir full

11:46 am in Uncategorized by Tyler

Hey everyone. My windowfarm is setup and running however if the water line gets more than about two inches below the fill opening of the reservoir bottle there is simply not enough pressure to get the water to the top bottle. I’m using the 4+1 bottle setup with the 4 outlet petco pump advised in the instructions.

Has anyone else had issues similar to mine?


by britta

Who Dunnit?- Mysterious Cucumber Genocide

7:13 pm in Plants, Seeking Advice by britta


The cucumbers were a real mystery. Like Marilyn and James Dean, they have thus far all died a tragic death after a short, but full life.

We had about 10 of these georgeous exciting northern cucumbers. It was a little unrealistic to think we could grow such a big fruit in a windowfarm, but we figured we’d try and just find a way of supporting them when they got big. And they did get big. We had them trelliced around some cross-wires made of string.

They all produced a lot of flowers and after we pollinated them with a paintbrush, we had tons of 1″ long baby cucs.  The plants themselves all looked very healthy. 

But then all of the sudden the plants would die when the fruits were cornichon-sized. We think maybe we didn’t have our fruiting/flowering nutrient solution mix right (??). 

Someone else please try cucumbers, get it right, and let us know how to do it! I’m drooling at the thought of some homegrown apartment cornichons!