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Vegetable “Flushing”

9:42 pm in Getting Started, Materials and Resources, Nutrients, Plants, Projects in Process, questions, Seeking Advice, Starting Seeds, Uncategorized by Andrew Dodd

Hey everyone.  I just built my first airlift windowfarm using the V2 instructions on the home page.  There is a local hydroponics store in my town so I was able to get all of the stuff I needed from there.  They pointed me towards some nutrient solution called Envy Part A and Envy Part B.  I had initially planned to get all organic nutrients since I will be growing vegetables to eat, but it was just too expensive.  Anyway, I’ve read some about “flushing” before harvesting the vegetables, and the guys at the hydroponics store offered some flushing solution, but I was wondering if just flushing with water for 7 days would work as well.  I don’t know that much about flushing and hydroponics so any information would be nice.  Thanks!

What’s the best way to germinate seeds?

9:00 pm in Uncategorized by Mickey T

Hi I’m Mickey and I’m building a window farm for my senior project. My kit came with butter crunch lettuce, romaine lettuce, basil, and rosemary seeds. I’m looking for an effective and easy way to germinate them before I put them in my window farm. I can find the instructions for constructing the whole window farm system but can’t locate the instructions for germinating the seeds. I remember something about putting them in a mixture of water and hydrogen-peroxide, but I can’t recall for how long. Thank you for your help.