Sketchup 3D model of windowfarms

8:51 am in International, kits, Other Cool Urban Ag. Stuff, questions by Stuart Rogers


I am a newbie to windowfarming, having recently bought a Classic kit via the Kickstarter site. I’m looking forward to March when they ship.

Until then I am planning the best place to put my farm. As an architect, I build 3D computer models of buildings, and I often use them to check the path of sunlight coming through windows at different times of the year. It occurred to me that I could find the best place for the windowfarm using this method!

I should explain that I am also waiting to move into a new apartment in a foreign country, so I do not have first-hand experience of which windows are sunny at what times, etc etc. But I could also use it to include Windowfarms in future (as-yet-unbuilt) architectural projects, to see how they would look. And it might be nice to design other elements around the kit, like an enclosure for the pump, or housings for lighting.

There are obviously many creative / engineering types on this forum, so I was wondering if anyone had made a model of their setup using Google Sketchup or other 3D software?

And if it is possible to get hold of an accurate 3D model or drawings of the Classic Windowfarm (from the industrial designers who designed it, for example), that would just make my day!

Failing that, I might make a sketchup model of the Classic Windowfarm when it arrives in March, and I will post it here.

Thanks for reading!