Worm Farm

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So I’m chopping dovetails for the frame to my worm farm. Made of 6ft 1x4s chopped down into 12 and 18 inch sections. Dovetails are 1/2 in with an 1/8 th in deviation.

Going to have four layers once it’s said and done. Yes, I know my dovetails suck, I’m doing everything freehand and I’m a bit rusty. I’m also using a chair sitting at an angle as a sawhorse for now =| Have a 6ft Live Oak log I’m going to turn into a sturdy one once it dries out. (Maybe a week left now)

Need to get some more wood for a lid, and something for collecting excess water from the bottom. A watertight container with a┬áspigot the layers can sit on should do, maybe a filter to prevent clogs. I’m going to probably just end up making those from wood too and seal the gaps with wax to waterproof it.

Going to tack nails along the bottom edge of the frames to support 2 crisscrossed layers of 1/2in screen. Bought at local hardware store, kind you use to keep birds out of your tomatoes. When it’s double layered it should hold back the dirt but have holes large enough for the worms to crawl through.


More pics to come =)

Here’s the rest of the process: Completed Worm Farm