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by Helene

How to: cleaning tubes?

4:27 am in Completed Window Farms, How-Tos, questions, Seeking Advice by Helene

I started window farming last Christmas and things look really promising so far (meaning, I haven’t killed anything yet). Just wondering, how do you clean the insides of the tubes you’re using to deliver the nutrients? For some reason, mine has the tendency to build up “gunk” (for lack of a better term) and I find it annoying. The water system still pumps water just fine, but I’m afraid that it will eventually get so dirty that it would just clog the passage way.

What cleaning methods and products are you using? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Cleaning time, Sad Beans

2:46 pm in Completed Window Farms by funkisockmunki

I noticed that the bean plant’s leaves started to look pretty bad. Something is definitely wrong and it doesn’t appear to be pest damage, so I’m assuming either too much or too little nutrients (too much is more likely) or too much water.

After testing, it seems like the pH was a bit low (5.5-6), and the water was probably running too frequently. One bean rotted off and died. I cut the total watering time per day in half, spaced farther apart and the starting sponges are still staying damp all day. Hopefully this helps the plants improve. I might have to cut back on the watering even more on colder/damper days.

I also took the vertical hoses down and cleaned them, washed out the bottom bottles and added new water, and a weaker nutrient solution. I need to be more vigilant about refreshing the water… but can no longer get the bottom caps off the reservoir bottles! I torqued at the lids trying to get them off for what seemed like an hour while the water dribbled out slowly. Finally had to remove the cap and chain support and force the bottom bottle off (didn’t twist off like it twisted on). The result, got it clean, but flaked off a ton of the paint. Lame.

Photos of the Beans: