Aquaponic window garden with aerator/pump mod

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This system was built in less than a day and additionally:

  • Combines aquarium aeration with the air pump.
  • Pushes water up 202cm (6.6 feet) with a 1.5 litre/hour pump (I don’t think pump size matters at all here, this one cost R60, or about $8).
  • Moves roughly 100-120ml in 6 hours (I think that’s how much I slept last night).
  • (Accidental) varying dripping time.
  • You can probably run many ‘percolators’ off one pump by splitting the air feed, or using a very long aeration stone.
  • The system runs very quiet (The air pump makes more noise than the gurgling).
  • The top 500ml bottle can be converted to a baffle or silencer quite easily.
  • It may possibly even be converted to a non aquaponic pump?
  • No pump-strain, T-junctions, valves or needles (or things that look like them, I’m a wuss, ok?)