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Looking for a Pamphlet/Poster about Windowfarms

8:26 pm in Materials and Resources, questions by TheLizardLass

I learned about this project through the feature on TED, and have just pledged for a four-column windowfarm through the kickstart page.  Now I want to spread the word.  Has anyone created a PDF or other poster or handout that can be used to let people know about this?  My mum would put one up in her flower shop (she’s very excited too, and is helping me to pay for my farm as my christmas present) and there are a few other stores I’d like to show them to — an organic cafe and a specialty kitchen shop come to mind immediately, and there are a few more.  It’s getting hard to pass on information to people who you only know in real life, and don’t have any e-mail contact information for!

If nothing exists yet, would it be okay for me to create a PDF, and share it here for other people to use?

Love windowfarm idea, worried about landlord restrictions on items on windows…

12:18 am in Getting Started, questions, Seeking Advice by lauracruz

My boyfriend and I are thinking of making window farms in our respective apartments. In his case it’s a fantastic idea because he has a huge glass door that gets lots of light and it overlooks the woods.

In my apartment it’s another story, I get lots of light …but I recall my apartment manager mentioning something peculiar when I signed my lease. My windows overlook the street, and they asked that if I wanted to put curtains, to have white ones or put a white liner….so that the entire apartment looks uniform. They also recommended not putting anything on the little ledge on my windows.

Has anyone had any actual issues with apartment managers/ landlords and restrictions like these?

I’m going to check out my lease again and see if there any actual statements there or it was just them being weird.