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Windowfarm built with half liter bottles

7:42 am in Completed Window Farms, International, made from scratch (without a kit), posts with pitcures! by Balazs Nagy

I came here just in the right time to see cool mods like the t-valve technique (thanks @gaiatechnician), and the way of splitting airlift (credits goes to @kenokazaki) allowing two columns to be watered using only one reservoir and airlift. Read the rest of this entry →

by burt

.5L Bottles for a MiniWindowFarm?

10:55 am in Getting Started, made from scratch (without a kit), Materials and Resources, posts with pitcures!, questions by burt

Did anybody try using .5L bottles instead of the 1.5L Bottles? From what i’ve read, i would expect that space is an issue for only some plants.

If the vertical space is the first problem, i could cut off the top of the bottle and space them further appart, put the plant higher in the bottle, so their effective root space is just as big as in the 1.5L bottle.

The advantages would be space, taking less sight in the window, and less weight.

The disadvantages, i don’t really know, there could be many, but i would assume they’re all space-related.

I’d like to think this would make a kick-ass mini-window-farm for maxing out cress and other really tiny plants.