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  • Book: Recycle with Earthworms: The Red Wiggler Connection ISBN-13:978-0-914116-32-5 Shelley C Grossman & Toby Weitzel This is a tiny book that covers all the basics including nutrients delivered and a sincere look at composting as a way of life. My friend has her farm in her kitchen, chops up the veggie waste and feeds the [...]

  • Wow ! Great idea and you’re right, it loans itself perfectly to this relationship. Some Information and resources for worm related items: Earthworms Buyer’s Guide: A Directory of Earthworm Hatcheries in the USA and Canada, bublished biannually, Shields Publications, P.O.Box 669, Eagle River, WI 54521 Mail Order Catalogs: Smith and Hawkins: worm supplies, information, books, [...]

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    I just wanted to say hello. I live in central New York and I’ve been here since 2006. I’ve lived on the west coast much of my life in San Francisco and Portland Oregon. I love to grow organic food, cook it and eat it, and give it to people who appreciate it. I do [...]

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      precious · 3 years ago

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