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    Im excited about this idea, however Im wondering about certain alternatives for the materials you’ve suggested. Example: I never buy 1.5 liter bottles of anything because I dont drink soda and I use a water filter to drink from the tap. once in a while if Im out I’ll buy a big bottle of SMART [...]

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      Trygve Henriksen · 4 years, 8 months ago

      Unfortunately, your post is only partially readable(Nothing shows up in the blog post you commented on).

      Anyway, consider the parts list and design just a suggestion as for how to build it. One user is using wine bottles he’scut the bottoms off and hung up using rope. Another was experimenting with steel funnels. A third was looking at some bowls or large cups from IKEA. I use bottles cut in half and suspended in chains.
      As long as it keeps the growth media in place and protects the roots, it’s all good.
      Instead of net cups you can use yoghurt or icecream cups(as long as they fit the ’bottle’ you’re using), you just have to poke them full of holes.

      Recycle, Reuse, Grow, have Fun!

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