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by Tad

I’m in!

5:24 pm in Getting Started by Tad

OK, I think I’ve figured it out. :)

  • Got login to – check
  • Got login to – check
  • Got login to – check

For awhile, I kept trying to login to using my .com login before I realized it’s a separate login! When you login to .com and you use your email, but for it is a username. I double checked to see if there was any more sites. I think I got all of them. Any plans on combining these three sites?

I’ve setup the farm. I think I’ve run into the two most common beginner issues:

1) Top of tube keeps spitting. I really didn’t notice until the poor guy at the top got too wet and died. :( We cut a bubble tea straw which fit perfectly over it to tame it.

2) The water wasn’t making it up to the top. Instead of melting and molding the bottom tube, I just broke a chopstick into it and it seemed to do the trick.

Both issues seemed pretty minor. I like it. This is the best automated watering/hydroponic system I’ve tried.

  • The Aerogrow: I didn’t like that you had to buy the seeds.
  • Capillary mat: ended up having everything too wet and had such a small reservoir it wasn’t worth the watering time savings.
  • Auto-pot: never seemed to work properly
  • Wet-pot:  too wet
  • I’ve also tried the generic bottom waterers which really didn’t do much


by Pieter

tips & tricks on growing plants in my new Window Farm

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Hello Everyone,

My name is Pieter and i’m an Architect living in Antwerp Belgium.

Last year i’ve build a 2 string 8 bottle windowfarm and have been experimenting with it since than.

the system works great so i started trying to grow some plants, i’ve tried with seedlings grown on cottenwool and with full grown soil plants, but all they did was die.. I used different types of nutrients, (not specific for hydroculture, so maybe thats the problem) the timer i use is set on a quarter per 1.5 hour.

After killing a lot of plants finaly ONE tomato plant didnt die, and grow quiet big.. but thats before the winter, now its dead as well..

now the wetter is getting better i want to make a fresh start and could use some help with my farm!

what are the tips on good nutrition, which plants go well with one and other, what frequency do i need to put the timer on, etc etc

can someone here help me with that?




by Amit

Window Farming –First Time

1:16 pm in Completed Window Farms, Getting Started, made from scratch (without a kit), posts with pitcures!, Projects in Process by Amit

Hi Friends,Finally after weeks of preparation ,my window farming setup was ready …..lot of problems on the way like water not moving up,problem in drilling holes,the hydroponic soil was not available. But in the end everything came together & the farm was ready…Now the next goal is get some plants in it…

My first try


by Amy

What’s the longest your window farm survived? Water beads?

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Hello, I’ve attempted my first window farm this week as a prototype for class. It’s been a bit difficult to find proper supplies in Hong Kong due to language barriers. Challenges and questions I’ve come across while exercising my poor engineering skills. I will be using black socks to cover the bottom of the bottles.

1. My seedlings have already been attacked twice with aphids and fungus gnats in it’s growing plugs. I had to start a fresh batch. If the seedlings are already so sensitive to the  moisture and humidity, how soon will my window farm be attacked by these pest? Anyone have experience with handling this in a humid country?

2. My tubing is too stiff to direct it away from the seedling. I’ve seen some systems using a toothpick or wooden chopstick, but my result was a moldy chopstick. I ended up using a fishing wire just to hold it down and a tape to keep the tube in place. I obviously need to find a better alternative. 

3. Reservoir problem. Due to the limited space in HK, I don’t have the luxury to have a big bottle for reservoir so I attempted to use a ketchup bottle on the bottom. I found the tip was a good way to plug the tubing in (I still need to reinforce it with plumbers tape, but haven’t found it yet).

4. Cutting through plastic was the biggest challenge.  I am not a very handy person, but I attempted to use the drill to make some holes on the bottom of the bottles but the bottom is thicker than the rest of the bottle, so I am not able to cut through it. In the end, I made a big circle but the bottles don’t fit perfectly. Any suggestions? I thought about using sticks to reinforce it.

5.I wanted to try out using water beads instead of clay pellets. Anyone have any success in it?


First day of my windowfarm!

5:04 am in Completed Window Farms, Getting Started, made from scratch (without a kit), posts with pitcures! by Nanna Thorin

Yesterday evening I couldn’t wait any longer so I planted my little plants in the pots and hoped they would survive! This morning I was taking a few pictures of my farm and I really love it, can’t wait for my plants to grow bigger!



So far I have cucumber, tomatoes (two kinds), spinach and peas. I’m trying to grow some basil, parsley and lettuce as well but they all need more time in the soil before moving them to the pots.

Square Inch Gardening inspired by Window Farms

1:35 pm in Getting Started by Jim Miller

I am pleased to announce a new blog inspired by, Square Inch Gardening: one plant at a time.

My plan at this point is to build on the window farming concept while adapting from traditional gardening ideas as well. The median-range goal is to develop the blog into an ebook to be published in the spring of 2014.

Drop by when you have  a few minutes. I’d appreciate your feedback. Thanks! ~ Jim

by Patty

How to start seeds?

3:55 pm in Getting Started, How-Tos, Starting Seeds by Patty

I bought some Jiffy pellets for seed starting but when they are soaked there are lots of particles in the water. I’m worried the particles will clog my system, even after the roots develop. Anyone with advice about the best way to start seeds? What plugs should I use?

Water Flow

6:47 pm in Getting Started, pumps, Seeking Advice, Water flow by PIERRE LEVASSEUR

First timer at window farming.

Should I get a steady flow of water or droplets out of the air lift?

How much water should I get from the air lift?  My actual flow is about 200 ml per hour or 50 ml per 15 minutes.

Finaly, why use an air pump instead of a liquid pump?



by Rambo

Version 2.0

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So I gathered some supplies.

I got rock wool cubes tiny ones 2″ I also got three little 3″ slotted pots to set the rock wool in I also got fertilizer, just a basic one from the hydro store (CNS17). And last, but certainty not least I planted my seeds. Basil and an Italian lettuce mix. Also to make the fertilizing more accurate I placed markers where each quart and gallon are inside the reservoir.

Bottle and lots of unsightly duct tap

Oe of the horrible ugly bottles! Will have to beautify this soon!

Reservoir with the tubing being weighed down by submerged glass bottle.

Basil I planted

Well, I’ve changed a few things will take better pictures tomorrow morning when the sun is up and the lighting is better.

Making Plans

9:37 pm in Being a good member of this community, Getting Started, made from scratch (without a kit) by Michael P Rosenthal

My vertical window garden has moved to the active planning stage. Last weekend my daughter and I started seeds. They are looking wonderful.

Today we went to Home Depot and hashed out ideas for my plans. The concept is 3 towers, using a 20 gallon fish tank as the water reservoir. We hashed out how to seat the PVC tubing towers in the tank, and how to anchor the towers to the ceiling. My southern facing glass door panel is about 6 feet tall. The fish tank is less than 6 feet tall, allowing for 4 feet of vertical growing space in the window. I’ll be using a fountain pump and drip tubing to disperse the water to each column. Each column will have 3 or 4 1.5 liter Poland Spring bottles duct taped to the PVC, where each bottle will drip into the bottle below it. Next week I hope to construct the system. All systems go, and we’re so excited.