Solar powered Windowfarms? Working pumps from 5 watt and 15 watt solar panels.

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I have been locked out of the group by the antispam bot for some time.  Anyways, this is my new profile.   I just put up a playlist about testing my new air pumps.  I used the ali baba website and contacted manufacturers  in China directly and ordered 4 pumps.  2 of one brushless motor type and 2 of different sizes with brush motor. I have had the brushless ones for a couple of weeks (they work!) and have just started to test the brush motors.   These will hopefully offer something for people with different profiles. First of all the Chinese manufacturers are very helpful. But they do not have youtube and they are unaware of how big this potential market is.   There is lots to learn.  First off,  all the pumps will work a windowfarm!  The small brush motor one produces more air than the brushless ones.  BUT the brushless ones require less power to start them.  Both the small brush motor and the brushless ones will work directly from a 5 watt solar panel. All pumps will probably work a 3 column windowfarm especially if you are using a 15 watt solar panel.   (All the pumps will work from a 15 watt solar panel.)   The large brush motor produces so much air that some needs to be vented.  Looks to me like it could run 10 or more columns at full speed at once! Here is a playlist I got some extra air bladders with the brush pumps because they suggested that the pumps will outlast the bladders and bladders are cheap!

Air pumps and replacement bladders

I hope this helps people.

Brushless air pump with electronic board and speed control knob

I expect there are other options out there too. I would definitely look at dual diaphragm types if I was adventurous. They probably look like the brushless one but with 2 independent diaphragms opposite each other. That would probably reduce vibration and noise a lot. This experiment was costly (around 200 dollars) because small orders are more expensive (I did 2 orders) and shipping costs are a major component of the cost. Some of the pumps are probably in the region of 10 dollars each if bought in bulk. But it takes time to identify the most suitable ones. Brian