The Israeli window farm

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The Israeli Window Farm is based on the V3 air pump system. the changes that were made are mainly  in the suspension system and the water and air pipes system. (obviously we used the local mineral water bottles which have a nice “narrow belt” for holding the plants pot)

Since we invented the Drip Irrigation Method small irrigation parts are relatively available here. we used T valve and 7 mm black tubing (algae clogs things quickly here) and a one way valve to prevent air bubbles from going up the water reservoir.

the coolest part here is the connector to the cap – we make a hole with a device used for inserting drippers to pipes and that’s all!

suspension system R&D was aimed for the cheapest and simplest solution, and so it is…2 mm chain with S hooks holding the bottles. this system allows you to take out one bottle for maintenance quit simply

we also canceled the water height strip in the reservoir bottle, because you can see the water level easily enough and it just lets the sun in and helps algae grow

that’s the important changes…Hebrew readers can see the full manuals I wrote in “bayadyiem” and more systems in

but you have to agree that she’s lovely