Concern in using plastic bottles for eatable plants?

3:10 pm in Getting Started, Materials and Resources, Seeking Advice, Version 2.0 airlift system by Tore Bjørnson

Hi guys.

So I’m finally going to build a Standing AirLift system in my apartment. However I am wondering whether there is cause for concern regarding the health issue of using plastic bottles for a food system. This is due to a Harvard study (and I guess more exists?) on bisphenol A in plastic bottles for instant. A description can be found here:

That is the homepage of the National Institute of Environmental Health Science, and they suggest using glass, porcelain or stainless steel containers for liquids. Obviously the water is not consumed by people from these systems, but I guess there is a risk of chemical entering the plants grown using water contaminated by bisphenol A.

Any comments on the risk and/or experience using glass bottles instead of plastic?

Thank you