A reflection on my window farm (with video) – Vancouver, BC, Canada

2:38 pm in Completed Window Farms, made from scratch (without a kit), posts with pitcures! by Danielle

I started with a one column window farm (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpEhkX2PeBA&feature=youtu.be) and quickly moved on to a second column. All went well. Sometimes the water would splash out the top container and spray on to my window/surrounding area. I fixed it with saran wrap.I used socks to cover the roots. I thought it looked great, and it was a great idea by another window farmer. However, I discovered that some water was leaking out of the bottles and the socks were absorbing it. It made my resevoir of water empty quicker and the socks started to mold. Taking the window garden apart to remove the socks was kind of a pain.

I grew basil, dill, parsley, tomatoes, and swiss chard. I was quite surprised to see tomatoes grow since I don’t have direct sunlight. I only had about 4 grow (grape tomatoes) but it was still nice. Overall I don’t think the plants did as well as they could have, as I had the timer go off about every 2-4 hours except at night, when it didn’t go off at all (my bedroom is right beside the contraction and the pump wakes me up). The parsely took a very long time to grow and it seemed quite dry. Also, after the first harvest the dill died (it got super tall tho!). The basil did exceptionally well. I ate a lot of it. After a while I became kind of paranoid about the use of plastic bottles. I really want to try using wine bottles, so I’ve disassembled everything and am going to start over.

Lastly, when I went to make my second column the guy at the hardware store informed me that I was using tubing not recommended for ice makes. TheĀ  tubing leaches a chemical that is not safe to drink. Yikes! So I bought black landscaping tubing he said was safe. It’s quite rigid and harder to manipulate.

Overall, I find this a lot of fun and really enjoy logging on to see what everyone else is doing with their gardens. There are some great designs!!!!