Dual Column Window Farm Seedlings!

11:23 am in Completed Window Farms, made from scratch (without a kit), Plants, posts with pitcures! by Steffe Harwood


All of my seedlings have been moved to my window farm! The herbs are still super tiny, but growing quickly. The peas and beans are by far the biggest plants and are growing beautifully.

So far I have had only a few minor hiccups with this setup. Occasionally the air needle will get clogged and doesn’t really do anything but blow bubbles until I clean it out. But other then that, everything works great!

I can’t wait for these little plants to grow big and strong so I can start cooking with them :) Now you guys probably want to see some pictures…





Futuristic Labeling method

My futuristic and clever method of labeling ;)


Room for 2 more columns!


The clear tube gets a little nasty after a while and needs to be cleaned.


Thanks for checking out my Window Farm! Happy urban-farming!!