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morning all,

i’ve finished my window farm (see video¬† ) and it’s working a treat, i’ve planted some micro tomatoes in each of the pots and a small black truffle tomato plant at the top, which i don’t hold out hope for to be honest.

the question is am i doing something wrong? i left a couple of tomato seeds growing in soil and they seem to be doing infinitely better than my hydroponic ones. i’ve got the system timed so it turns on every half an hour and i’ve put nutrients in the water. should i have put the shoots in some kind of growing medium rather than just surrounding them with clay pebbles?

also the airpump goes mental sometimes and bubbles in the reservoir rather than up the tube, i’ve managed to wrap florists tape around the tube and a small rock to weigh it down but it’s as if there is too much water in the tube and it spits it out at the top rather than slowly dripping it out.

any advice is more than welcome, thank you for your time in advance