Jikoo’s Window Farm

10:40 am in Completed Window Farms by Jiri

Hello everybody,

After some time I have finally set-up my WF. Based on info from this forum I have spent a lot of time projecting and looking for right materials . I really do like the idea of recycling old PET bottles etc., but I do not think it looks deccorative enough (beg your pardon) so I decided to go different way.

I like Miko’s WZ http://our.windowfarms.org/2012/02/16/fine-tuning-my-window-farm/

and Ken’s version2 http://our.windowfarms.org/2012/01/08/window-farming-in-tokyo/ is just perfect. I was thinking of give it pretty much the same design, but unfortunatelly I cannot place the WF directly to the window (technical issues) so I had to take it other way… and rather use the wall by our window.

We have windows dirceted to south so  there is always enough light (direct sun in certain moments of day).


Main places I went shopping to for the parts would be Ikea, Bauhaus and  local growshops. Total costs would be only estimated to 100euros.


The pots are hanging in rope circles (simple as that) . Each pot has drilled hole for a tube leading water down to a pot below. Classical air pump from Atman  if lifting water to top pot.  I do not like water with fertilisers leaking on the leafs of herbs so I use tubes leading the water directly to the clay pebbles in pot below.  I placed some rockwool cubes to improve the hydration in the pots .

I am planning to place additional set of 3 pots on the right side of the first one. The water container is big enough to suply water to both systems. My Atman has 2 outlets .

The timer is set for 15 minutes every hour from 9-21….for now…


Advantages x Disadvantages

  • Simple building system
  • Plants are not limited in growth as it is in PET bottles
  • I can easily change pot position according to the needs of plants
  • Less direct sun
  • Will see later… :)

The water container has 6.6 liter volume but so far it seems It will not need more than 2-3 liters per week….we’ll see during next summer :) As fertilisers I use Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow   http://www.advancednutrients.com/hydroponics/products/sensi_grow/sensi_grow_product_information.php