Mexican Style Windowfarm 4×6 up to 2,30 m in Germany

9:16 pm in Completed Window Farms, International, made from scratch (without a kit), posts with pitcures! by Andreas Kopp

After 6 month of testing different models I just finished my third custom style windowfarm.   In my opinion their was not

enough emphasis on the design of the windowfarm in the community so far.

In my opinion a windowfarm only looks good in your window when it covers the whole window so it looks like a curtain. Have you ever seen a cuarter curtain or a half curtain?

In my case I had to cover a window of 1,90 m x 1,20 m ( 74 inches x 47 inches) as I am living in a pretty old house build in 1882. As I wanted to cover the whole window I needed 4 rows with 6 Bottles.

I first build a 2×5 Windowfarm inspired by the design Ramas post  but I was not happy with the rod sticking out of the middle. So I used metal cabels and ziptied also the tubing to these cables. This also gives me and the possibility to apply my lights next to the bottles. In the end my farm delivers the water up to 2,30 m. Impressive right?

I have not filled up all the bottels with plants as I am traveling to Mexico this        February to bring some more special mexican vegetables seeds with me.  My goals is   to grow all typical mexican vegetables like koriander and different chilies in my farm.

I really liked the experience of buidling this farm and would like to share my experiences with like minded people. If there is somebody here from and around Munich. Please give me a shout I would like to organize a little farmer meet-up.

Anybody here that has experiences growing chillies or year long?

Here I have opened up a German Windowfarm Group on Facebook. Friend me on facebook at and  I invite you in.