My Airlift System

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Similar to the other T-Valve Airlift System, I have set up the following.  This is probably the best design so far.  It has the move water flow and doesn’t suffer the needle valve complexities.  Note I still use a check valve on my air flow to protect my pump.  It appears crucial that the T-Valve be BELOW the water line otherwise the air just seems to pump into the bottom container.  Cheers!! :)

Update: 12/18

One thing to note, and this is simple physics!  If you are getting bubbles back into your bottom container, simply make the tube labeled “Water” below much longer.  Just coil it up below.  Simple physics means that the pressure in the Water tube (due to the length and therefore the amount of water) will overcome the pressure of pushing the water up the Air (airlift) tube!  Mr Wizard…we thank you! :)