Strawberries-11 Monthes & Still Flowering

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Well, it’s getting pretty close to a full year of my strawberries in my first WF and they are fruiting once again.   In my last strawberry update back in December I show the last red berry of that cycle.  The time line is something like this.  12/4/10 last berry picked.  1/16/11 Plants starting to flower again.  2/7/11 Fruit starting to turn red.  2/13/11 Pick and eat.  In general, they flower every 3 months or so.  This has been with a south window and no extra lighting and feeding with a blooming diet.

In the last cycle, I did not do any hand pollination and just had a fan blowing near them.  This produced some odd looking berries.  This time around I hand pollinated all the flowers with a q-tip and the berries are shaping up much better.

Strawberries Getting Ripe

 This picture is about a month ago, but it is a good shot of the crowns.  They now look nothing like the original crowns that I planted.  Take a look at my first link below.  They are slowly growing out of the net pots. 

Strawberry Crowns Out Of WF


Strawberry History