NEW! How To: V3.0 MAMA w/participatory instructions (beta)

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We are pleased to announce the V3.0 release of the windowfarms community’s latest windowfarm design, the V3.0, the Modular Airlift Multicolumn Array, or MAMA!

  • quieter
  • easier to set up
  • more elegant, but still do-able with all recycled water bottles
  • more plants for less electrical input (up to 32 plants on one air pump if you do Rama’s double plant mod)
  • modular, meaning you can supply proper nutrients to vegetative, fruiting, and flowering plants all in one system.

No more airlift issues with the new tubes. And we have finally achieved some serious height!! Achieving height means you can grow more plants with the same pump so it is way more efficient in terms of the amount of nutritional calories per fossil fuel calorie used in powering the pump. This design described in the free how to is basically the same as the new Classic kit.

If you are a total beginner and not the handiest person in town, we suggest you start with the Version 2.0 airlift system, or consider buying Windowfarm from our store.

We decided to release this as a participatory web guide that captures ideas, questions, sketches, discussion, & issues for R&D-I-Y while you build. This new functionality is still in it’s “beta” testing phase & we are working on integrating it with this site still.

Thank you to all contributors to the site & BIG PROPS to @ramajames, @Hardwarejunkie,  @samenrahmen, and other users who have contributed so much to the art of windowfarming.

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Note: Starting in 2012, after a highly successful Kickstarter campaign, Windowfarms began selling One, Two, and Four-Column Windowfarms.  The new Windowfarms are sustainably manufactured in the US, made of recyclable components, and are easy to setup — so you can quickly get setup and begin learning about growing food.  If you would prefer to buy a Windowfarm, please visit The Windowfarms Store.