Recently Signed Up? How To Use This Site!

2:24 pm in Featured Post, Getting Started by Windowfarms

1. Sign Up. If you would like to be a windowfarmer or just participate in the discussion, please register for the site using the gray bar at the top of the page.

2. Get Set Up. Once you have registered and signed in, more options will appear in drop down menus on that top gray bar. Under My Posts click ‘Dashboard’. You’ll find links to edit your profile.

3. Explore the Site. This whole site is one big forum and we use blog posts to start new threads. Use the tabs on the upper right to navigate.
Home: Browse most recent posts.
Groups: Meet Windowfarmers in your area.
Windowfarmers: Lookup individual members.
Activity: See the most recent site activity.
Also use the Category list and Tag Cloud on the right.

4. Post Something! Tell us what you are up to. Post a question or a concern. Roll over My Posts on the gray bar at the top of the page, and click ‘New Post’. Don’t forget to Categorize it and, if you wish, give it a few Tags. This will help later users find your posts and will help the community answer one another’s questions.

5. Engage with other people on the site. Comment on other windowfarmer’s posts or send them messages.

6. Questions? If you are confused about how to use the site or have suggestions that will make the site better, don’t hesitate to email