How to: WF Version 2.0 Standing AirLift Mini (SAM)

11:05 am in Getting Started, How-Tos by britta

These are UPDATED instructions that show you how to make a ‘mini’


1 hour build- The easiest, cheapest, smallest windowfarm. Gets you started on hydroponics ASAP! This version is designed to be easy to assemble for folks who want to try out a windowfarm but are not quite ready to build the structure needed for larger windowfarms. This system can grow three plants. The basic configuration includes three bottles that act as plant holders, a bottom reservoir to capture/hold water, and tubing to move water through the system. It also utilizes a small air pump that uses water displacement to elevate the water up to the top of the system, where it can then trickle down through each plant.

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Check the comments below for updates and to read about other folks’ experiences before you build (remember this is an ongoing R&D process so don’t think of it as a product!!)

Please note that we ask anyone who downloads the how-to to register on the site and to come back and post as you build, not just when you’re finished. You give back to the project by participating on the site. Bring questions, ideas, results of your testing various processes. This is a mass collaboration on the R&D of these systems.

IMPORTANT REMINDER ABOUT ELECTRICAL SAFETY: Remember to include a drip loop (position the cord so it hangs down below the electrical plug).

Note: Starting in 2012, after a highly successful Kickstarter campaign, Windowfarms began selling One, Two, and Four-Column Windowfarms.  The new Windowfarms are sustainably manufactured in the US, made of recyclable components, and are easy to setup — so you can quickly get setup and begin learning about growing food.  If you would prefer to buy a Windowfarm, please visit The Windowfarms Store.